Ruby Mountain HVAC 5 Star Review
Sunday morning, I woke up to a cold house. The furnace had stopped working sometime during the night. I went out and tried to diagnose the problem myself with my limited HVAC knowledge. Luckily it was a fairly easy fix. The ignitor had broken. I called a few companies to try to get the part and only got voice mails. I called Ruby Mountain and they said they had the part and would meet me at their shop in a few hours to get it to me. A few hours later I got a call that they would bring the part right to my house. Awesome. They brought the wrong part initially, not their fault, but within an hour they returned with the right part. About 5 minutes later I had the part installed myself, with a few pointers from the man who brought me the ignitor, and I had heat again. Propane is the only source of heat in my house and I was super thankful that they were able to help me out on a Sunday when no other company would pick up the phone.
– Levi D. – 2021